Fantasy Football: Wide Receivers to Take in the First Round

The last article covered the top running backs you could grab in the first round this article will cover the best wide receivers that you can pickup in the first round. Wide Receivers can make or break a fantasy team. The most important thing for a fantasy football is consistency. This 2013 season there are plenty of good receivers, but there are only a select few that are worth taking in the first round. Good receivers can have huge weeks and a great season. Below will cover the top receiver that is worth drafting in the first round. Out of all the wide receivers in the league I only find one that is worth taking in the first round because there are plenty of good receivers but none of them are worth taking in the first other than the one I listed below.

Wide Receivers

Calvin Johnson

Calvin Johnson was the best wide receiver last year in the NFL and he was my first round pick in the draft last year also. Johnson dominated defensive backs last year and was simply unstoppable. Johnson who is 6’5 and runs a 4.32 is a nightmare for defensive to stop. Johnson can even beat double coverage and even triple coverage at times as seen here. Last season Johnson had 122 receptions and 1964 yards along with 5 touchdowns. Johnson lead the league in the receiving yards almost breaking am NFL record. Johnson this season will post similar numbers except I expect less receiving yards and a few more touchdowns this season. Johnson has been the Lions number one target for the past few years and their top receiver. The Lions will need Johnson to perform at a high level to make a push for the playoffs this season. 


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