The NCAA Exposed of Hypocrisy and Johnny Manziel

The NCAA for years has been all about college athletes not making money off of their name. Recently the NCAA has come under fire for profiting from using high profile players names such as Manziel, Clowney, Boyd and many other college football players. Jay Bilas an ESPN analyst was informed that on the NCAA Sports Shop had a search feature that allowed you to type in the last name of the player and whoever’s name was typed in, their jersey and other products with their jersey number would appear. For example if you were to search for Johnny Manziel or Johnny “Football” this would appear. You could argue that having the word “Football” on the back of the jersey is just a coincidence being that it’s a football jersey, but no other sports have that, you don’t see basketball jerseys saying “basketball” on the back or see a baseball jersey saying “baseball” on the back. This was obviously directly related to Johnny Football. Jay Bilas completely exposed the NCAA on his twitter account as hypocrites after the NCAA was so strict on players not profiting on their OWN names, while they have been making millions of dollars off of jersey sales. The website also contained a t-shirt that was dedicated to celebrating Joe Paterno’s 400th win, a win that no longer exists because of the NCAA’s action to punish Penn State and strip Joe Paterno of his wins. The website also contained an autographed picture of Reggie Bush going for around $180. Reggie Bush who was stripped of his 2005 Heisman Trophy by the NCAA.  The NCAA being in hot water decided to remove the search function off of their website and soon after decided to forgo the sale of all jerseys on their website which appeared to be a good move on their part to quit the jersey sales. This meant that Bilas’ tweet hit the them hard and forcing them to respond quickly.

In other news Johnny Manziel is back in the headlines again after reportedly receiving money in exchange for signing a few hundred football helmets for an autograph broker and in return was given $7500. The broker allegedly has two cell phone videos of Manziel making the deal, but no money is seen being exchanged. The videos were taken without Manziels knowledge. According to the broker Manziel said he wanted to purchase rims for his car. This raises the question why would Manziel risk his eligibility? Johhny Manziel comes from a wealthy oil family, why would he risk his eligibility for $7500 when he knows he can get anything he needs from his parents who bought him court-side tickets that go for $23,000. Manziel could have went to his parents if he wanted new. Risking his eligibility for this seems foolish this makes you think is Manziel tired of Texas A&M? Does he want out? Manziel has been filling the off-season headlines with stories of him leaving the Manning passing camp early for no exact reason, some speculated that he was hungover. Manziel was also in headlines earlier this off-season for being kicked out of a frat party and for pleading guilty to a misdemeanor for failing to identify himself to an officer. Manziel will be under close watch by all this 2013 football season. How will Manziel respond to being under so much scrutiny as just a 20 year old kid?


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