Fantasy Football Sleepers


Tony Romo- Let’s be honest Romo isn’t the biggest sleeper, but Romo will definitely be available in late rounds between round 6-8. This would be a great pickup if you were to miss out on Rodgers, Newton, or Manning. Romo last season passed for 4,903 yards and 28 touchdowns. He threw 19 interceptions which was kind of high, but this season I expect Romo to cut down on those this season. Romo will have Dez Bryant, Witten, and Austin to get the ball to this season. If you are late in the draft and haven’t picked up a QB, Romo would be a solid pickup to be a starter or a decent backup quarterback on any roster.

Andy Dalton- Dalton will be entering his third season in the NFL. Dalton is another solid late round pickup you can add to your team. Expect Dalton to be available between round 5-8. Dalton will have AJ Green returning, his favorite target. Dalton has a great connection with the 6’5 receiver and Dalton will also have Jermaine Gresham at tight end to use in the red zone. Dalton will be a solid quarterback to have on your roster and will provide you with solid stats week in and week out.

Running Backs

Stevan Ridley-Steven Ridley of the New England Patriots is not a popular fantasy pick for some reason. Ridley last season rushed for 1,263 yards and 12 touchdowns while averaging 4.4 yards per carry. This season I expect Ridley to get a few extra carries this season due to the fact that the Patriots are serious lacking at the receiving corp this year. Expect to see Brady hand the ball off to Ridley sooner and see him running the ball more on first and second down. Ridley in my opinion is an overlooked running back that will provide you with solid points every week.

Frank Gore- Frank Gore is the most underrated running back in the NFL. Gore is the most overlooked weapon on the San Francisco 49ers offense. Gore this season will be the starting running back for the 49ers. Gore’s only downside is that he is very injury prone. Gore last season ran for 1,263 and 8 touchdowns, averaging 4.7 yards per carry. Gore I think you will be able to grab as late as the 9th round, which is pretty good for someone that can be a weekly starter for your team.

Wide Receivers

James Jones- James Jones of the Green Bay Packers is probably the best low risk high reward player you can draft. Jones last season only had 784 receiving yards, but posted a whopping 14 touchdowns which led the NFL last season. Jones this season should see an increase in targets this season due to the departure of veteran receiver Greg Jennings. James Jones should still be available in round 6 or later. Jones is a solid receiver and can be an every week starter on most teams.

Eric Decker- Decker might not be considered a sleeper, but in the fantasy leagues I’m playing in this year Decker has been going relatively late between rounds 5-7. This is great for a receiver who was second in receiving touchdowns with 13 falling behind James Jones who was mentioned above. Jones will be another great starter you can pick up in a decent round. Jones is a solid starter that will provide some big games with quarterback Aaron Rodgers throwing to him.

Tight Ends

Tyler Eifert- Eifert was the first tight end selected in the NFL draft. Rookie tight end Tyler Eifert is the number 2 tight end on the Cincinnati Bengals roster, but he is so versatile that he cam be moved from tight end to slot receiver to H back in the backfield. Eifert’s huge frame at 6’6 250 pounds provides a huge target for Andy Dalton down field. The Bengals starting tight end Jermaine Gresham has been very inconsistent and injury prone since he has entered the league. Eifert could step up into the starting spot anytime this season. Eifert will most likely go undrafted in most leagues. Eifert could be huge for the Bengals, this player is low risk and could turn out to be a very productive player.


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